Genius Awards

Zerebrum High IQ Network hosts a Genius Awards for its members each quarter year. Each member can nominate his or her self to enter the contest. The winner will receive certification and have their name listed on this web page. The rules are listed below.

Prestigious Recognition: A genius award is typically considered a high honor and a mark of distinction. It signifies that the recipient's contributions and accomplishments are deemed exceptional and noteworthy by a reputable organization or institution.

Exceptional Talent: Recipients of a genius award are usually individuals who have displayed extraordinary abilities, creativity, and expertise in their chosen field. Their work is often characterized by originality and the potential to make a significant impact.

Innovation: Genius awards often focus on individuals who have introduced new ideas, methodologies, or approaches that have the potential to transform their field or even society at large. Innovation is a key aspect of what sets these individuals apart.

Contributions: Whether in the sciences, arts, social sciences, or other areas, recipients of a genius award have typically made substantial contributions that advance knowledge, culture, or human understanding in some way.

Visibility and Opportunities: Receiving a genius award often brings significant attention and visibility to the recipient's work. This increased exposure can lead to new opportunities for collaboration, funding, and further recognition.

Selection Process: The process of selecting recipients for a genius award can vary. Some awards are chosen by a panel of experts in the relevant field, while others may involve public nominations or a combination of expert review and public input.

In summary, the Zerebrum genius award is a prestigious honor bestowed upon individuals who have demonstrated exceptional talent, innovation, and impact in their field of expertise. The award recognizes their contributions and provides them with support and recognition to continue their valuable work.

Each Quarterly Genius awards starts near the 1st day of the month every 3 months.

The 1st Quarterly Genius Awards has begun.

The eligibility rules are:

  1. Only members of the Zerebrum High IQ Network can be nominated.
  2. Only members of the Zerebrum High IQ Network can vote.
  3. Any member of Zerebrum Gescheit 135, Schöpferkraft 145, and Meisterhaft 155 can be nominated.
  4. All Zerebrum members that reside in any nation and any age can be nominated.
  5. Any Zerebrum member can nominate themself but Not another member.
  6. Any member that wants to be nominted must announce his or her nomination at least 48 hours before the poll closes.